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Our teleprompting software was selected for its flexibility and ease of use. It allows for variable font size, color (of both text and or background) and style.

Scripts can be e-mailed to us ahead of time or provided on site by USB thumb drives. Our software automatically converts Word, Rich Text Format (RTF) or Text Only files into teleprompter format. And we can export it back out in the same formats at the end of the job for your records, especially if any changes were made.

Microsoft Word and OpenOffice are on our laptop computers if additional work or conversion is necessary.

Manual entry is also possible for entire scripts or changes to scripts already supplied.

Foreign languages are possible, but test scripts should be sent to us at least a week prior to the job in order to assure proper conversion is possible, and a translator/interpreter on site is strongly recommended. We have teleprompted in Spanish, Castilian Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Mandarin, Vietnamese and Korean in the past, and look forward to additional language challenges in the future.

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