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Using flat panel screens allows the SGW Teleprompter Solutions' camera mounts to be incredibly lightweight - our full size mounts weigh 13-18 pounds, while our Mini mount weighs just 5 pounds.

At these weights there is no longer the need to make sure you have a "heavy-duty" tripod available so that you can mount a teleprompter. Plus the light weight allows for pans and tilts with ease. Or we can mount them on a stand in front of smaller cameras and/or lightweight tripods.

The monitor screens on our full-size camera-mounts are 15 inches. The screen is bright and can display color. Our camera mount is also perfect for jibs!


Our Mini Camera Mount is perfect for smaller cameras (mini-DV, P2, DSLR) and their associated lightweight tripods. Full size camera mounts may damage the heads of these tripods or may cause difficulties in terms of balancing with the lighter cameras. That's not a problem with our Mini Camera Mount, and it's still large enough to handle matte boxes!

The monitor screen on our Mini Camera Mount is 9 inches but has twice the brightness of our larger monitors -- this means that despite its smaller size it is still very easy to read.


Do you have a video shoot outdoors? We offer DayBrite Camera Mount teleprompter monitors that make the text easy to read even in full sunlight.
The screen is more than 4 times brighter than a standard teleprompter monitor. You can see the difference in the picture to the left - the monitor on the left is the DayBrite, the normal monitor is on the right.

All camera mount rental package includes the operator, one camera mount, one notebook computer with teleprompting software, and all necessary cables and mounting hardware.

Additional services that are available include:
- two or more camera mounts
- stands for off-camera prompter work
- battery for outdoor work
- printer

We can easily accommodate cameras ranging in size from DSLR to 35mm motion picture.

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