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Interrotron is the display of an interviewer, producer or director's face in the teleprompter facing the talent instead of text.

The interviewer asks questions, or feeds lines, to the talent in order to get them to respond directly into the camera lens, which is behind the interrotron teleprompter mirror. The face is placed in the teleprompter because the image helps the talent remain focused -- without it their eyes may wander to where the interviewer is (if visible) or to wherever they hear the voice of the interviewer. Our interrotron packages include a microphone and speaker to assist in situations where the interviewer may be in another room or in larger rooms in order to place the interviewer's voice at the teleprompter.

In a double-interrotron situation there is also one set-up for the interviewer to see the talent in, so that they can better tailor the questions to how they see the talent reacting.

Our single interrotron package includes the teleprompter, a camera, technician and a lavalier microphone with speaker. 

Our double interrotron package includes two teleprompters, a camera, a signal downconverter (if necessary to convert the signal from the camera capturing the talent), technician and a lavalier microphone with speaker. 

Note: the camera we supply is to capture the interviewer, not the talent.

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