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These are examples of the different uses and possibilities for teleprompting.

Executive Speech Prompters

Rise and Fall, Single Podium

** Presidential Teleprompter **
Single Podium

Double Podium - ConAgra (no screen baffles)
Double Podium

Single Podium - with Opaque Mirrors for bright and outdoor events

Executive Speech Prompter - with 50" Floor Monitor as well

Camera Mounts

Camera Mount - At the Auction
Camera Mount

Camera Mount - Dermatology PSA (using 16mm film camera)
Camera Mount - using 16mm film camera

Double Camera Mount teleprompter - Infomercial
Double Camera Mount

Camera Mounts on Jib/Cranes

On a JimmyJib (with a DayBrite monitor)

Camera mount teleprompter on a Porta-Jib - Infomercial
On a Porta-Jib

On a Seven Jib - Sears Commercial
On a Seven Jib

On a Technocrane

Other Uses

Floor Stand - Abbott Labs
Floor Stand plus Camera Mount
In this instance the interviewer looked at the camera mount and the interviewee
looked at the floor stand which was over the interviewer's shoulder.

Floor Stand Teleprompter - Pampered Chef
Floor Stand

Interrotron - director's monitor viewing the talent

Dual Interrotron - one facing talent (with director's face), one facing director (with talent's face)

Floor Monitors/DSMs

26" Floor Monitor

26" Floor Monitor used by a singer for lyrics (monitor is tilted back)

50" Floor Monitors

Foreign Languages - An interpreter is strongly recommended for foreign languages to help
the teleprompter operator follow along.

Vietnamese - Keebler/Nabisco

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