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CFR+T is remotely teleprompting talent and, at the same time, recording them with high quality video (1080p) and audio. In this time of social distancing, travel restrictions, quarantining and a myriad of other complications due to COVID-19 sometimes talent is not able to participate when others can  -- and this allows for the recording of their prompted message without having to send a production crew their way.

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We offer packages that ship to the talent with a computer we can remotely control and SMOOTHLY scroll the script on. It also includes a 1080p camera, external mics and a ring light. Recordings are made and saved instantly at the talent’s location to maintain quality and offer immediate review anywhere.

An additional benefit is that the ouput from our remote computer can feed monitors/switchers/DAs, etc. So we can feed smoothly scrolling script to one or more monitors, like DSMs or monitors in camera-mount teleprompters, for example.

We have designed this package to allow a producer to sit in on the session -- all those involved can be remote from each other.  

Note: slow internet can affect quality of our scroll, so we provide an ethernet cable to help enhance reliability of the talent's connection.

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